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Also, we will be providing our detailed reviews of winning systems and services, and we will be letting you know why we think they are so good.

Systems and Services on the Market

There are vast numbers of systems and services on the market currently. Some are good, but by far the majority are bad systems that have either been created from criteria that either makes no sense and or have been built to back profiling processes to artificially build a system that is apparently sensational, but in reality won’t remain profitable, and will make you really unhappy if you end up following them.

How Do You Know if a Horse Racing System is Good or Not?

Well, that’s probably the most important question!  Fortunately, you’ll find a link to a sure-fire way to discover exactly that – if a Horse Racing Betting System is good or bad – in the menu bar above or here.

In addition, there is a process to become successful in betting. In fact, having a winning proven system is only part of the process, and if you only had that, you would most likely end up quitting after a short period of betting.

So it’s vital to know what to do with a good system, once you have purchased one.  For that, you’ll need to know “How to Bet and Win” – which I have covered for you here.

Is it Possible to Make a Living at Betting?

98% of us betting folk lose at betting in the medium to long term. That is a staggering figure. So to determine how to win, or to learn that it is possible to make a living at betting, we have to take a look at the 2%.  These 2% are making a good income at betting, and consistently too.

The 2% keep their methods a secret – well most of them do, but we are going to make it know to you.  Because those 2% use an elite strategy that You can Copy – and Win!

  • How to Find Out if a System is Good or Bad before You Buy click here
  • The Secret Key to Winning Long Term at Betting That Only the 2% Elite Know click here

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In the meantime, if you are fairly new to the sport, for further background information on Horse Racing itself, have a look at the menu items above! We have Horse Racing Caps & Derby Hats.

Introduction to Horse Racing

If you are new to racing and betting, then whatever you do, don’t just jump in and bet using limited information, because that will be the start of your losses. You should first get a firm understanding of the foundations. We cover these foundations throughout the site, and these include taking control of your emotions, understanding your psychological makeup and how to use that as a guide to your ability to cope under the losing streaks.

There are other factors that you need to bear in mind if you are going to become a consistent and long term winner at betting on the horses. One of these areas is the use of systems. Every one that bets on horses uses some level of system. This is basically, the criteria you will implement to come up with your selection.

A bad system would be as follows: –
“bet on a horse if the jockey is wearing a purple cap. If there are two jockeys with purple caps, don’t bet”. Now that would be crazy to bet like that, but lots of people do. The system must carry a level of logic. For example, if a track is soft going on a particular day, your horse selection should ideally have a good track record on that or similar going. If the horse shows poor form on soft ground, then you shouldn’t bet on that horse. That then, should form part of a logical system make up.

Unfortunately, there are lots of people out there putting together back tracked results with criteria that bear no logical reason for being part of the system. For example, the system might say “only bet on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays”. This makes no sense, so you should avoid horse racing systems that are like this.

You must be willing to go through a losing streak. All systems have them. The profit or winning is made up when the wins out do the losses, and if it is on a consistent basis, then you have yourself a good system.

Value is a key element in betting. In fact, it is the only way in the long run to be a winner at betting. We cover this in detail in the members area. If you can’t find value bets consistently, you can not be a consistent winner at betting. It is the key to making horse racing profits, and the better value you get, the more money you will make in the long run.

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