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August 5, 2010

Horse Racing Systems is pleased to offer this section where you can download several high valued products FREE of charge.

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The downloads in this section are not the normal standard you get might expect from a free give away download page. These products are all high quality, professional products, and we are offering them to you at zero cost as a thanks for your support.

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Launch Date: Early December 2010

A very exciting product is due for launch in the next few weeks. It will be available as a FREE download exclusively from Horse Racing Systems. I was going to put this product on the market for sale, but instead, I wanted to provide my readers with an early Christmas present as a thanks for your support during the last few months.

The product is called:   “The Revelation Rating System”

In a nutshell, the system is a software that calculates a rating of all runners in any race you want to look at. The rating is based on several factors that would take hours to calculate by hand. You simply copy and paste some data in to the software, and the system formula pieces the ratings together for you.

The system can be used to find backing selections and also lay selections. However, the system is primarily designed to provide amazing trades on the horses.

The system has an amzing ability to discover bets that move in the direction that you the bettor would like it to move in. How many times have you placed a lay bet for example, hoping that the price would go up so that you could enter a back bet and trade out in a profit, only to find that the price is moving against you and every second you are losing more and more money.

Now you can start to trade with a little help from a system that knows what it is doing, and that can provide you with that essential edge, the edge that the other traders won’t have.

Further more, you don’t have to sweat it out in front of the computer like every other trader is doing. The whole process is very relaxed. You can even execute your trades before you go to work if you wanted, and come home to find your profits later in the day. All this with out the need of a bot!

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October NH Lay System:

  • Only 1 Losing Bet in 3 Years
  • 18 Points Profit Per Month on Average
  • 19 Selections Per Month on Average
  • Average Lay Bet Price 6.0

The October NH Lay System is a Gem of a product. It is probably the most consistent horse racing system you will ever come across. With only 1 losing bet in three years, it actually takes some beating, and we are not talking big odds either.

With average  lay odds at 6.0, we have the ultimate results whilst operating at low liability.

Results like this are actually un heard of in the industry.

Designed for use on the UK NH (Jumps) races.

This product is a lay betting system that focuses on low liability horses during the month of October only. Now although the system is designed for use for only the month of October, it is actually more profitable than many systems are for the entire year!

The system is reliable, and has a three year proven history.

For even better returns, why not use one of the staking plans here in the free download section.

  • Three year history of profits averaging around 10 points per month
  • Low liability lays
  • High success strike rate

System download includes:

  • The Manual
  • 2007, 2008 & 2009 full selection & betting results


Staking Calulator:

A staking calculator in the form of an Excel document with a section for backing and a section for laying. The staking plan is a very popular profitable plan when used with the right system. The calculator will keep account of your betting history and show you the amount to bet, and will keep a profit and loss account and update your bank.

  • Popular staking plan – one for backing and one for laying
  • Four different programmable settings
  • Tells you what your stake should be
  • Keeps track of past bets and keeps an ongoing tally of profit & loss
  • Updates the bank according to the profit & loss
  • You can set your Betfair commission % value and the calculator subtracts the commission and updates your bank total

System download includes:

  • Excel Staking calculator


How to Bet & Win:

An essential 13 page report detailing exactly what is required for you to consistently win betting in the short, medium and long term in betting.

  • Find out about the importance of value in betting
  • What sort of system should you use
  • How to manage a bank and operate a successful staking plan
  • Forming realistic betting goals
  • The importance of consistency

System download includes:

  • PDF Report


The downloads in this section are not the usual low quality free stuff. They are all of exceptionally high quality, which is the foundation and trade mark of Horse Racing Systems. You are welcome to download any or ALL of the products from our growing library of free stuff.

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